Hello & Welcome to JB Artisans Soaps!
I’m Jess & I am the creator behind the products here at JB Artisans Soaps. I live in New England with my husband, Tim & our dogs, Chewie & Odin. Tim can often be found behind the scenes measuring out oils, packing orders or helping with a craft fair or farmer’s market. Chewie & Odin, well they are upset that they can’t come into the soap room.
I decided to learn soap making as a creative outlet during the pandemic. My full-time job as a hospice nurse can be stressful, especially during the pandemic. I found it nice to have something artistic to help me unwind.
I also have eczema & many allergies. Finding good commercial skin care products can be challenging. Handmade bath & body products (as opposed to many commercially processed brands) do not have all those extra ingredients that dry out your skin.
JB Artisans Soaps’ mission is creating products that are good for you, environmentally friendly, ethically, sustainabilsourced and made with love.